Disinfectant for Surgical Equipment - Concentrate

Area of application :

Recommended for disinfection of Endoscopes, Bronchoscopes, Surgical Instruments, Medical Devices made up of rubber, plastics, metal, glass & porcelain.

Effective against commonly occurring Bacteria, including Tubercle Bacillus, Fungi, Viruses & Spores



  • Application/Use

    ✓ Pour the prepared solution in tray.
    ✓ Dip pre-cleaned / washed and dry instrument
    ✓ Solution can be used up to 14 days
    ✓ For Disinfection: immerse for 15-20 min
    ✓ For sterilization: immerse for 6-8 hours

  • Dilution for Use

    To prepare 1 ltr. of solution add 100 ml of Glutrakite - X into 900 ml of water

  • Precautions

    ✓ Avoid direct contact with eyes. Protect from sunlight
    ✓ Wear gloves to avoid skin contact
    ✓ Keep out of reach of children

  • Composition

    Formaldehyde - 8% w/v
    Glutaraldehyde - 7 w/v with antirust agents
    Colour - Approved Colour

  • Details

    Product Code


    Unit Per Carton

    GTRX500HD Glutrakite X- 500 ml 20 Bottles