Instant Rub-in hand disinfectant

No Operation Theatre is complete without Chlorokite. Remarkable residual and persistent effect. Chemically active for at least 6 hours and is also effective in presence of organic matter. Dries quickly leaving no residue and has excellent skin care effect. Chlorokite is also effective against enveloped viruses.



  • Product Features

    ✓ Chlorokite dries quickly without leaving any residue.
    ✓ Chlorokite has excellent skin care properties.
    ✓ Chlorokite is effective against enveloped viruses.

  • Composition

    Each 100g solution contains :

    Ethyl Alcohol I.P. - 70% V/V
    Chlorhexidene Gluconate (20%) I.P. - 2.5% V/V Equivalent to 0.5% W/V. 
    Chlorhexidene Gluconate with emollients and moisturizers.
    Permitted colour and perfume.

  • Details

    Product Code


    Unit Per Carton

    CHRK100HR Chlorokite - 100ML - with dispenser pump 50 Bottles
    CHRK500HR Chlorokite - 500ML -with dispenser pump 20 Bottles